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What is the outcome of a review program?

Do you work as a CEO, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager or maybe as an E-commerce Manager? Do you also have thoughts about how you succeed with your review strategy when launching a product? Our hope is that this article will inspire and provide knowledge.

The fact that recommendations from your customers are hard currency does not need to be explained in 2022 - but what can you as a brand expect for the outcome of a Ratings & Reviews campaign? Below we share three areas that can contribute to your brand’s awareness, credibility and growth.

1. Customer Awards

The Smartson crowdscore is a social proof from consumers for other consumers. A credible and tangible award of approval from our test pilots. This award is earned and shows how many of the test pilots would recommend the product or service. Depending on what you want to gain from a crowdscore campaign there are several ways on how to make the most of it, here are eleven examples.

2. Video Reviews

Testimonial campaign - we collect and edit in all formats and contexts. Using real people who recommend your product or service makes words more authentic since it comes from the consumer’s own experiences. Be inspired by 5 cases - take a look at the latest videos here.

3. Social & e-com reviews

We work with e-com, price agents and social channels in our test pilots’ mission. In addition to the review being central to all trade today - it also helps the consumer find the right product for their needs. Being without reviews can be critical for the business, regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established global brand. Our review campaigns create content for social media and unique reviews via your website or your resellers.

What are the characteristics of a test pilot?

Curious to get in touch with Smartson’s thousands of test pilots in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain or Germany? See demographic insights below.

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Potential product development - Use customer insights to develop and adjust the product. In all phases, not just prior to launch.

Market needs - Insights are a gold mine for getting to know your customer market and their desires. Find the true emotional reasons for why someone is choosing (or not choosing) your brand.

Transparency - By asking questions and listening to your customers you will be perceived as an open, transparent brand and genuinely interested in the customer voice.

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