Customer insights - the power to succeed

Opinions and inputs. Spontaneous reactions and thoughtful feedback. Companies have great opportunities to gain insight into every step - from learning about market needs and product development, to marketing, aftermarket and customer support. Learn to understand customer insights in different ways, depending on how long your product and company have been on the market.

These are our top 3 reasons why brands should work continously with insights:

Potential product development - Use customer insights to develop and adjust the product. In all phases, not just prior to launch.

Market needs - Insights are a gold mine for getting to know your customer market and their desires. Find the true emotional reasons for why someone is choosing (or not choosing) your brand.

Transparency - By asking questions and listening to your customers you will be perceieved as an open, transparent brand genuinely interested in the customer voice.


Already in the pre-launch phase, you can find out what different audiences think. There is room to save both time and money to control plans based on input early in the process. Are there more interesting uses and perspectives of your product than you thought? For everyday commodities, details such as the ease of opening a package or the ability to recycle the product, could be crucial in making the product desirable with consumers.

Are there more interesting uses and perspectives of your product than you thought?

An electronic locksmith manufacturer did user tests with Smartson 3 years in a row. At first, the result did not meet the manufacturer’s expectations so they improved the product based on the feedback and conducted new tests. In the end, the result led to a much better developed product and more test pilots recommended the product.

Existing products

It’s easy to do everything in a routine - both as a manufacturer and consumer. In order to define and make the most of the product and to follow the market, you can ask the users in different stages what they think. An existing product can be raised and displayed to new audiences if it is highlighted in a new context. It can also be about encouraging consumers to break their habits and involve products that are new to them in their daily lives. In 2013, Arla put an invite out in an open forum discussion with the question “How should we consume quark in the future?” to gain important insights into the subject. Some of the ideas related the quark to training. Quark is still today an important product when it comes to exercise in Sweden.


A company that shows they are curious and asking questions will win the consumer’s appreciation. It is courageous, honest and daring to be transparent. Your credibility increases and you clearly show respect to the consumers and their opinions.

Oatly proved that they are good listeners when they asked the open question whether there was potential for oat milk in coffee, which would require a new formula to make it possible to mix with hot drinks. The audience gave some really good input, liked the idea and now the product is a huge hit on the market.

It is courageous, honest and daring to be transparent.

The need for insights may differ in different markets - for example, digital services often have more data to analyse than a manufacturer. Insights per country and culture are sometimes more important than you think. A successful launch in the US does not guarantee a success on the Swedish market, and vice versa.

The consumer has an incredible variety of choices in choosing products and brands. There could be small details that are behind the reason if a product gets selected or not. A purchase that doesn’t match the consumer’s expectation weakens their loyalty and you are more likely to try another brand the next time. It is then reasonable that the manufacturer adjusts the product according to the buyer’s wishes, and always keep an open dialogue. Let the expert, the everyday person, tell you about their experience so that you can access the valuable insights.

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