Eleven ways how brands use crowdscore

Consumers these days do a lot of research into the product or service they want to buy. They will look at the reviews on shopping sites and make an educated decision on which brand or product to choose. We believe that the consumers are the heart of marketing in the future and in some ways, we are already experiencing that now.

In the core of a Smartson campaign are our test pilots, who create credible and genuine content.

In the core of a Smartson campaign are our test pilots, who create credible and genuine content with their videos, images and texts. That content can be used and displayed in both traditional channels as well as digital channels, such as social media. We believe a brand can truly transform when we invite people to test, share and recommend.

Great content is king when it comes to making your mark amongst your competitors and really engaging the consumer in your brand or product. The content we create at Smartson together with our test pilots means your target audience can hear about your brand or product from credible and relatable people sharing their real life experiences.

The crowdscore, a credible and tangible stamp of approval from our test pilots.

One part of a Smartson campaign can be the crowdscore, a credible and tangible stamp of approval from our test pilots. This stamp is earned and shows how many of the test pilots would recommend the product or service. Depending on what it is that you want to gain from a crowdscore campaign, here are some tips on how to make the most of it.

Press release

Read all about it! User generated content such as quotes, images and personal stories are a great way to create an authentic and trusted press release.

In store

Help consumers to find your product in store. Showcase your crowdscore and recommendations to attract consumers to your display. A credible and engaging way of driving purchase.

On pack

How to stand out in the crowd? An effective way to impact purchase consideration on shelf is to add the crowdscore to the packaging.

Social Media

Share the love. A positive recommendation from test pilots provides unbiased endorsement to use on your own social channels. Plus with it being user generated content, it is proven to boost the engagement rate.


Trusted consumer endorsements like quotes, testimonials and recommendations can all be used to let others know why a product is loved by many.


Targeting consumers with the right message, at the right time, in the right place is key. Using the recommendation next to the product can seal the deal when a consumer is deciding whether to buy or not.


Well produced videos receive the highest engagement rate compared to other content in our channels.


A first impression that lasts. Let consumers discover recommendations on billboards and outdoor advertising by adding the recognised and trusted crowdscore symbol next to the product.


Get your booth to stand out from the crowd. Make it prominent at events by utilising the crowdscore, quotes and images from the campaign to bring eye catching credibility to your display.

Native ads

Creating the perfect blend. Combining user generated content such as videos, images and testimonials brings the perfect mix to native advertising.


The page stopper. Bring your print ads to life by making the voice of the crowd an integral part of the design, the crowdscore combined with the testimonials will catch the consumers eye.

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