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Increase transparency with UGC - 5 style-forming video cases

Something we are proud of is how Smartson’s co-creators, the test pilots, contribute with such great commitment. In many of our activities, consumers get to try a product and then share their opinions. Sometimes the test pilots are commissioned to review via video, and from the user generated content (UGC) we create testimonial videos for our clients.

User generated content creates credibility by letting the co-creators describe in their own words their experiences about the product. Video reviews often capture even more honest opinions and it provides valuable insights to hear the consumer’s words in the first encounter with the product.

7 out of 10 respondents use video reviews as part of their research and the source is an important part of the process*

The test pilot may be commissioned by Smartson to focus on a specific function or feature of the product, and may also be encouraged to share their content on social media. Watch some of our favorite UGC videos from the past year.

1. Sage Espresso machines

To generate video material and insights, Sage together with Smartson invited to a test of the espresso machines Oracle Touch and Barista Express. A total of 75 test pilots in Sweden and Norway were allowed to buy one of the models at a reduced price. Their mission was to create video reviews that focused on design, features, taste and coffee results.

Read the full test here:

2. HP Instant Ink

To draw attention to their ink cartridge subscription service, technology giant HP asked test pilots for opinions and insights. The assignment was to get ready in front of the camera and answer questions about their first impression of the service, and what they think of the concept of getting new ink cartridges home automatically.

Read the full test here:

3. STIHL RE 130 PLUS Pressure washer

Patios and garden furniture have been cleaned with the STIHL RE130 PLUS high-pressure washer. The purpose was to capture insights from consumers via text, video and crowdscore. The project was active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland to create UGC videos in local languages.

Read the full test here:

4. Rawbite Protein bars

Four flavors of protein bars from Rawbite were experienced by 1,500 test pilots. The combined hashtags #rawbite #smartson showed a rich feed on social media. The video reviews sent to Smartson were the basis for the short formats created for paid media.

Read the full test here:

5. Satake Kids Kitchen knife

What happens when you give more than 250 children with a penchant for cooking a sharp knife and safety gloves, and place them in front of a camera? Playful kitchen stories! Satake Kids kitchen knife was tested by test pilot families and shared in video reviews. The purpose was to create UGC content for social channels and marketing.

Read the full test here:

* Source: Smartson Consumer Report 2020

Using real people recommending your product or service make words more authentic since it comes from the actual consumer’s own experiences. Fill in the form if you want to talk more about user generated content.

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