Nordic BBQ Party with Weber

Smartson brings a Nordic BBQ feast to life through authentic product feedback and engaging testimonials. Join us across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as passionate test pilots review the Weber Lumin Compact.

Smartson, a Nordic pioneer in User Generated Content (UGC) and consumer-based product feedback, has successfully conducted an exclusive test of the Weber Lumin Compact in the Nordic region in partnership with Weber-Stephen Nordic. This exciting initiative has not only provided valuable insights for BBQ enthusiasts but has also reinforced the importance of authentic reviews and testimonials.

Case Facts

Test pilot Fredrik

Test pilot Fredrik

Elevating Consumer Decisions with Authentic Feedback

Ratings and reviews have become the cornerstone of how consumers make purchase decisions. To provide credible and reliable product feedback, Smartson chose to harness User Generated Content (UGC) and the crowdscore. This approach offered consumers the most genuine and unbiased feedback from real users. A total of 100 test pilots from across the Nordic region participated in the test, where they had to put the Weber Lumin Compact through the balcony BBQ challenge.

Test pilot Fredrik, Sweden

Gathering Insights from Engaged BBQ Enthusiasts

During the test period, Smartson collected Ratings & Reviews and testimonials from dedicated BBQ enthusiasts throughout the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. These engaged individuals purchased and tested the Weber Lumin Compact, generously sharing their experiences, insights, and honest opinions. This created a Nordic community of users who shared a passion for barbecuing and high-quality products.

Test pilot Håkon, Norway

Bringing the Experience to Life with Video Testimonials

Smartson took an extra step by including video testimonials from the participants. These videos offered a deep and personal perspective, allowing viewers to see the Weber Lumin Compact in action and hear directly from the test pilots themselves. This approach enhanced the authenticity of the feedback and forged a stronger connection between the product and potential buyers.

Test pilot Tiinan, Finland

Perspective of the filming

Anders Linder, one of Smartson's representatives present during the BBQ parties filmed in four countries, shared his thoughts:

- Seeing the enthusiasm and joy in people as they discover the Weber Lumin Compact was truly eye-opening. Capturing their impressions and genuine emotions in these home visit reports was fantastic. This project has truly showcased the power of letting real consumers speak for the product.

In conclusion, Smartson's exclusive test of the Weber Lumin Compact in the Nordic region underscores the power of User Generated Content (UGC) and authentic testimonials in building trust and informing consumers. By creating a Nordic Balcony Party and delivering engaging user feedback, Weber has not only strengthened its brand but also contributed to a more informed and enlightened consumer base.

Test pilot Jane, Denmark

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