Smartson Consumer Report 2021

What recommendations do you trust before a purchase?

Almost 8 000 Nordic consumers have shared their opinions on recommendations and consumer patterns in the 2021 Smartson Consumer Report. The past year, since the previous report, has been special because of the global pandemic where the digital recommendation* has increased its meaning. In this article, we highlight selected insights from the 2021 Smartson Consumer Report. We hope that you as a brand owner, seller or content creator will benefit from the knowledge we share.

There is a clear connection between trust and how close the relationship the consumer has to the source. Friends (92 %) and family (85 %) have the highest credibility. Recommendations from your nearest circle of friends and family usually lack any sort of personal gain, instead they contribute with their experience in an honest and transparent way.

Friends still top in the purchase decision

The credibility of test services, price agents and reviews online are relatively similar - while brands’ own channels do not have as much trust with users. We also looked more closely at the differences between how women and men have answered the questions, but the differences in the statistics are marginal.

Demographics - 7 783 respondents

✓ Age 18-75 years old, of which over half are 36-55 years
✓ Lives in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark
✓ 77 % live in Sweden
✓ 55 % live in a large or medium-sized city
✓ 67 % are women
✓ 97 % have applied for one or more activities at Smartson

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