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The agency for recommended brands

How do you work with reviews and testimonials in your marketing? At Smartson - The Recommendation Agency - we offer genuine customer testimonials in every possible form and format, social media advertising and creative productions.

About us: We are a digital hybrid agency based on the power of recommendations between companies and consumers. Unlike traditional agencies, we have our own platform, user database and a trustworthy brand and awareness.

Founded: 1999

Followers: 430 000

Supported markets: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Germany

We help you improve your recommendation marketing efforts and grow your business in new ways

What We Do Best

Ratings & Reviews - Genuine customer reviews in all conceivable forms and formats. From text and video reviews to our award Smartson crowdscore. All formats are proven to help consumers make smart choices of all categories, regardless of whether it concerns physical stores or e-commerce.

Digital Sampling - Put your products in the hands of your target audience and inspire them to digitally share their experiences. A product that does not limit you in that you have to meet your end customer in stores or at events.

Creative productions - From simple animations to full-scale video concepts. Our creative team brings you both new ideas and groundbreaking results. Let’s build effective storytelling together!

Social Media & Ads Management - Your own social media team is ready to build your growth machine. We are experts in the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google’s services.

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