Creative Production

Smartson Creative Productions Showreel

The preperation for this spring’s upcoming creative production has already started. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with both new and previous customers. Have you started planning for next year’s productions?

Smartson’s creative in-house team consists of producers, filmmakers and editors who can help you with all your needs in film and video production. We have experience in producing visual content for law firms, educational companies and for larger consumer brands such as HP, Önskefoto, Nestlé and iRobot.


Smartson’s expertise is story-driven and user-generated visual content which creates effects at every step of the purchase journey. Creativity is super important when building brands in a digital era. Every day customers meet thousands of brands in different contexts, it is important that your brand is communicated correctly. We can help your brand attract, engage and convert with genuine, authentic content - whether people are searching for your brand in store, on your website or social media. Let your target audience hear about your brand from credible and relatable people. Let’s bring brands and people together!

Successful creative productions in 2021

In 2021, Smartson’s creative production team has produced successful film productions that have built engagement through creative and authentic content. On behalf of iRobot, Cetaphil, Nestlé, Önskefoto and HP, we have created interesting content that can be used on several platforms. Take a look at these in the show reel below.

Smartson Creative Productions Showreel 2021