Build relationships through product sampling

Do you use traditional sampling of your products in your marketing strategy? In order to meet the need of being able to put products safely and efficiently in the hands of customers, Smartson is launching digital sampling as the newest tool in the recommendation agency’s toolkit.

Digital sampling replaces store demos

The primary goal of sampling is to put the product in as many hands as possible and it’s been shown to play an important role in increasing sales since the beginning of marketing times. Smartson’s CEO, Karl Händel, talks here about the value for stores and brands to now start looking at new forms of sampling with a digital starting point.

- According to our partners, traditional store demos won’t make a return in 2021 due to the prevailing pandemic. It is, of course, a meeting that will be missed by both retailers, consumers and brands. Digital sampling offers expanded opportunities, both deeper and more natural, for brands that are more challenging in traditional sampling. The brand can control access to samples for one or more target groups and gather insight about the product during the sampling activity in a natural and easy way for the consumer.

What are your experiences of successful sampling? Drop us a line at and we can further discuss your brand’s needs.

Smart ways for successful distribution

We strive to be the digital partner in creating, processing and sending customer-centric content in every step of the purchase journey. But how will this new service add value to our partners?

- Digital sampling gives brands the opportunity to target specific audiences and create a more personalised sampling experience, which ensures that their product always ends up in the right hands. We can also distribute the products safely via store coupons, coupons for e-commerce, home delivery using refrigerated trucks, cashback or postal packages, says Karl Händel.

The meeting between brand and consumer in focus

Fredrik Westermarck, CTO at Smartson, leads the work of the implementation, which is launching soon.

- It’s fun to develop services where consumers can meet brands on their own terms. Everyone here at Smartson is optimistic that the brands will appreciate the service and discover its usefulness and potential.

How the service is implemented on the platform

- We are about to start implementing the service on Smartson’s websites. A brand’s sampling activities will be placed in the Brand Room, a place where the brand’s overall content at Smartson is presented.

Based on these activities, the brand can drive traffic to the sampling pages or we can take overall responsibility for engaging the target groups. At launch, we will have the support for sampling campaigns across all 8 markets in Europe where Smartson operates, says Fredrik Westermarck.

Effective values included

Together we create a plan based on your brand’s needs, a plan on how the activities will be carried out during the year - from new launches to holiday season. The team at Smartson works closely with you to exceed the set goals.

Brand Room and unique landing pages for each product
Invitation through email and digital channels via advertising and organic traffic
Opportunity for segmentation and selection of questions to find the right target group
Visitors who can subscribe to activities from your brand
Opportunity to order insight and repurchase reports (optional)

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