Smartson consumer report 2021

How does e-commerce affect your business?

The progress of e-commerce in recent years has been difficult to avoid - but how has the global pandemic affected our consumption patterns?

In this article we present selected insights from the Smartson Consumer Report 2021 that we hope you as a reader see a value in. The report is based on the opinions of almost 8 000 Nordic consumers regarding recommendations and consumer patterns.

The impact of e-commerce is increasing the importance of qualitative recommendations

The physical store visit has been replaced many times by e-commerce, which has increased the importance of digital recommendations when consumers want to research an item before purchasing.

Even if the categories differ somewhat, we can see clear similarities between the respondents in our survey with PostNord’s report E-barometern 2020 (page 6) with regard to sales growth in 2020.

When we take a closer look at how the respondents answered how they estimate that they will change their behaviour in 2021, respondents stated that products in the categories groceries, health, home and leisure, home electronics as well as services are the ones that they are least likely to reduce their purchases through e-commerce.

Demographics - 7 783 respondents

✓ Age 18-75 years old, of which over half are 36-55 years
✓ Lives in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark
✓ 77 % live in Sweden
✓ 55 % live in a large or medium-sized city
✓ 67 % are women
✓ 97 % have applied for one or more activities at Smartson

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