Recommendations generates new visits with opticians

We meet up with Optician Carl Fredrik Kanington at Lenson for a conversation about opticians, recommendations and the new exciting lenses we can find today.

Lenson have done several campaigns together with Smartson in the recent years, what would you say is the key values of the collaboration?

–  There’s currently a technology development in the market with new materials and solutions to prevent dry eyes. At the same time, many consumers are still using old contact lenses. Together with Smartson, we can find new consumers who will become ambassadors for us and talk about our products, and I would say that’s the greatest value for us. Simply put – getting consumers to upgrade their lenses and get them to visit our skilled opticians.

To find new consumers who will become our ambassadors and talk about our products is the greatest value for us.

What do your opticians think about participating?

–  Recommendations and consumer opinions are a much appreciated feature in the campaigns for our opticians. It’s not something they are used to and are pleasantly surprised when we compile and display reviews from test pilots.

How do you perceive the partnership with Smartson?

–  Smartson are professional and are always easy to reach for both test pilots and us here at Lenson. They deliver customers to the opticians’ core business - commercially and getting customers to the physical stores which is much appreciated by the opticians.

Are there any challenges in a successful lens campaign?

–  There are a lot of people involved so it is important to have a clear communication. Opticians, suppliers, Smartson and our booking system co-operate on different levels. If the collaboration works, the impact will be really good – something we have managed to prove with our campaigns.

Smartson are professional and are always easy to reach for both test pilots and us here at Lenson.

How could the partnership with Smartson be developed?

–  For example, to be able to test ordering glasses online. That market is in its infancy and it would be very exciting to do campaigns about this.

With this vision for the future we thank Lenson for the interview and a great partnership. As Carl Fredrik said, we too can see that lenses are a product that engages. This is reflected in the conversation rate that was as high as 80% in previous campaigns (based on the number of selected test pilots who physically carried out an eye test). We see this as genuine consumer engagement.