European Review Collaboration for Axkid

The Swedish brand Axkid is investing internationally - the company has had test pilots from Germany, Great Britain and Sweden evaluate their car seat on behalf of Smartson. After the test, 96% of the families chose to recommend Axkid ONE 2 to a friend.

Today we have the privilege of meeting Malin Johansson, Axkid’s marketing manager, to discuss the value of engaging end customers in tests and what is trending in the industry for products for families with young children. This is a category of users who always have a high commitment and often recommend products to like-minded people (Smartson Consumer Report 2021).

- For us here at Axkid, it is incredibly important to understand our customers, take in feedback and listen. After all, it is those who use our products every day who know them best. Being open to feedback and constantly wanting to develop our products together with our customers is imperative.

“A great way to bring in genuine

thoughts and reviews”

European test pilots were invited to the mission

There were 24 families with children in three countries that took part in the test, where the participants could buy the product at a reduced price. The assignment was to evaluate and share their experiences in text and video format. What value does user-generated content and reviews create for your marketing and sales?

- It creates a significant amount of value. We can talk as much as we want about how good the product is, but it is the customer’s experience that counts after all which is the most important thing . The fact that potential customers, in addition to our internal expertise and advice, also get the opportunity to see the car seat used in everyday life by our test pilots adds another dimension that simplifies the purchase process for end customers.

“Being open to feedback from

our customers is imperative”

9 out of 10 recommend the car seat

The outcome of the test was clear where 96% of the Swedish, German and English test pilots recommend the product. How will you use the result in your communication?

- It is a fantastic result that we will proudly promote in every possible way. In addition to the report, we have been given some great videos from Smartson’s test pilots which we will use in our social channels, but also on our website where we are currently reviewing the possibilities for expanding the department for customer reviews. We will of course also raise the crowdscore in our printed material to reach out to our retailers.

- The focus for us at Axkid is to continue educating the market. Rear-facing car seats are our specialty and in many countries it is not as common that children sit backwards as in Sweden. With our car seats, you can ride rear-facing all the way up to the age of 6-7, and our mission will be to inform and educate end consumers as well as our partners worldwide about these possibilities and the enormous safety benefits. We want to make the choice to pick a car seat that is rear-facing for as long as possible easy - for your child’s highest possible safety.

- Of course, it differs a lot from market to market and also from different target groups. But trends that we can see are that people generally are becoming more aware of the choices they make, they usually do their research carefully and base their purchases on facts with safety as the highest focus.

How would you describe the collaboration with Smartson and the concept as a whole to an industry colleague?

- As mentioned above, it is the customers’ opinions, experiences and thoughts that are the focus. For us, Smartson became a very good tool to independently collect genuine thoughts and reviews for our product.

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