Smartson Consumer Report 2021

3 keys to secure the future of a recommended brand

A brand that is recommended by its customers and users builds a genuine reputation and a strong brand awareness. Take a look at three tips on how a brand can secure its awareness.

Transparency at the centre

A transparent brand is built on trust in both customers and employees. Open up what you stand for and set guidelines for how you work with transparency at all levels in the organisation. When it comes to recommendations, brands who have removed negative reviews or fabricated positive quotes have historically had negative developments or have been met by legal action. So to avoid pitfalls, use common sense and good knowledge of laws and regulations in the market you are in.

Customer-centric in all steps

Awareness wins in the long run. Get feedback from your customers and improve your products accordingly. The best example we have here at Smartson, is when a brand listens, improves and shares their work publicly. Remember that your next innovation will most likely come from your customers.

Build an engine with recommendations

Every consumer is also a potential reviewer. Build a strong strategy to ensure that more consumers contribute to Word of Mouth and recommendations in all relevant places in the purchase journey. It can be through websites, resellers, price agents or Social Media. Keep in mind that a unique review has different functions based on formats such as awards, text reviews, 5 star ratings or video testimonials.

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