WellO2's new collaboration with Smartson

Simo Kekäläinen, Marketing Director at WellO2, discusses their upcoming collaboration with Smartson:

”From our perspective, customer stories are the most important piece of our marketing puzzle”

In an exciting development in the world of health and wellness, WellO2, a strong brand in the breathing wellbeing sector, is teaming up with Smartson for an upcoming Ratings & Reviews activation. We had the opportunity to speak with WellO2's Marketing Director Simo Kekäläinen about this collaboration and their marketing strategies within the health sector.

Meet Simo Kekäläinen and WellO2

Hi Simo, tell us about your role at Well O2!

- I work as the Marketing Director at WellO2. I also coordinate and develop our global webshop and ecommerce activities.

Simo Kekäläinen, Marketing Director at WellO2

Simo Kekäläinen, Marketing Director at WellO2

WellO2's Goals for the Smartson Test

What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming test with Smartson? What specific goals or outcomes do you hope to achieve through this collaboration?

- We're going to invest heavily in Sweden this autumn to bring the message of better breathing to everybody in Sweden! We've already had a presence in the Swedish market for about two years, but now when our new mobile application and breathing data tracking WellO2 MyBreath smart mouthpiece are on the market, it's a great opportunity to launch our message in a big way! We're hoping to get a lot of test pilots, offer them the most comprehensive breathing wellbeing solution, and hopefully, we get a lot of satisfied customers and testimonials that we can share with customers all over Sweden!"

Within the health sector, what particular aspects do you believe marketers should consider when planning their marketing mix?

- From our perspective, customer stories are the most important piece of our marketing puzzle. These stories should be distributed as widely as possible - from traditional mass media to social media. People value authentic messages and authentic customer feedback, and finding the right channel for the right people for the right messages is of essential importance!

Leveraging Online Reviews for Success

How does WellO2 value the impact of online reviews in terms of boosting conversion rates and customer loyalty?

- It's of paramount importance! Our product wouldn't have been so successful without the online reviews we've gotten. This is why we're looking to gain more through Smartson's campaign!

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