STIHL advances with customer-centric communication

Today we meet Emma Birgersson, Nordic PR & Communications Manager at Andreas Stihl Norden AB to learn more about the importance of customer-centric work - from Ratings & Reviews to creative testimonial videos in local languages. Hello there Emma - what tasks are included in your role?

– Hello! As the Nordic PR & Communications Manager at STIHL, I am responsible for strategic and tactical brand-building communication in areas such as PR, content and social media for all Nordic markets.

“Build relationships, increase credibility, spread knowledge about our brand and product range - that’s our focus in 2022.”

During our years as partners, we have been able to follow developments in the industry based on sustainability, operations and the environment. Emma talks enthusiastically about the journey ahead for the entire group.

– There is a big focus on sustainability where many go from petrol to battery operated. The trend has been around for a long time but is growing stronger and broader. We as manufacturers are required to provide more environmentally friendly alternatives, whilst working on sustainability.

Emma Birgersson, Nordic PR & Communications Manager, STIHL

The ability to work customer-centric becomes crucial

We continue the conversation about how brands are affected by customer-oriented work in their marketing communication. Be open to feedback, create dialogue and encourage sharing product experiences.

– If you do it the right way, it is an incredible advantage for, among other things, the brand work in creating trust in your products or services. It is a major building block in the relationship-building part and gives brands an opportunity to share insights that are important for the continued development. To continue to be successful, we need to be closer to the customer and understand their needs and take part in their feedback - but also manage it in the right way.

Brand Room for each local market

Over the years, STIHL and Smartson have built a brand room where consumers can read reviews, watch clips and learn more of the products. Here, both parties have safeguarded credibility, transparency and accessibility. Each result is presented publicly and in local languages.

– Smartson enables us to directly reach our target group in an effective way to build credibility around our products and brands. The target group also gives us direct feedback and insights that we can manage and use in product development and in our communication.

Reviews and user-generated content become part of the marketing during the customer journey.

Congratulations on a high recommendation from the Nordic consumers. How will you highlight the crowdscore and movies in your communication? Any best practices we can share with our readers?

– Thank you! We will actively work with both the crowdscore and material in our digital channels. On social media, we will use it in the form of advertising and organic content to increase awareness of our tested products. On our websites, we will use the material as a complement to our own communication.

Strategies translated into tactics

In the end, brands are usually driven towards clear results based on established strategies and tactics. What values does user-generated content and reviews create for your marketing and sales?

– User-generated content and reviews that come directly from our target group help us increase awareness of STIHL and our products. At the same time, it can be used as part of the marketing in the different phases of the customer journey where we want to influence purchasing decisions. It helps us to increase the credibility of our own communication and strengthen our own messages.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about the Ratings & Reviews program through Smartson? Drop us a line at The tests were carried out by Smartson on behalf of STIHL, where the test pilots bought the products at a reduced price. The assignment was to evaluate, create video reviews and share experiences through Smartson.