Mercedes-Benz launches the T-Class with Smartson

People trust people - Mercedes-Benz T-Class was launched in 2022 using unique concepts for different channels. Smartson's role was to attract the target group and follow them in their everyday life with the new T-Class.**

Family car takes off with the help of testimonial videos

In 2022, Mercedes-Benz launched a spacious family car with a large cargo space. Smartson was entrusted to invite test pilots to give the T-Class a test drive, capturing their experiences with the car on film. The produced video material was part of the launch campaign.

“The lengthy films engaged more than expected and we exceeded our media goals”

- Strategic and genuine content is important for the purchase journey. In our latest case with Mercedes-Benz, we met different families and their needs for a family car. The result was both informative and very effective in both advertising and in the brand's own channels, says Per Guinchard, Smartson.

Smartson's test pilots were some of the first people in Sweden to try the car. Both the cargo space and the flexibility of the car were very impressive.

Mercedes-Benz Marketing Manager Lalenya Tedfors, says that the results from the launch campaign exceeded the media goals.

- We can clearly say that these, in context, lengthy films were relevant and engaging. We exceeded our media goals, including view rate, says Lalenya Tedfors.

Learn more about the T-Class and the test pilots' reflections of the car:

Testpilot Rose Marie, long version

Testpilot Samantha, long version

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