How OLW went viral with Sweden’s biggest crisp test

Not all marketing efforts goes viral, but when OLW and Smartson launched the “snackiest” brand box of the year with 6 new products, the range and interest peaked overnight. Read on for 5 lessons when you invite nano-influencers from all over the country.

Co-creators channel reach

A total of 1,000 recruited co-creators had a total of 998,407 followers - the estimated total reach in social media.

Visits on campaign page

41 138 unique visitors during campaign period

Sign-up for the campaign

9 589 consumers applied to become co-creators


Each test pilot spoke to an average of 16 people about OLW’s product news

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5 learnings that contributed to the whole

1. Smart packaging and timing

One box stuffed with the latest news - Smartson developed the concept, box and tactics in consultation with Orkla Confectionery & Snacks. Production, printing and packaging were completed before launch day and the fact that all the boxes reached the participants on a Friday didn’t dull the WOW-feeling.

2. Playful tonality and brand mission

Meeting OLW’s brand and tonality was of great importance in both planning and implementation. Everyone who participated in the test was told to create something playful with the slogan “Life with a pinch of salt” as the core feeling. The test pilots’ mission was clear - share your experience through creative video stories via your social media channels.

3. Quick PR work had direct effects

Swedish media met the campaign with great interest - TV4 broadcasted almost 4 minutes about the test, Aftonbladet’s article created over 17 000 comments in one day and also popped up on ELLE, MSN, Nyheter24 to name a few. Marketing Manager Malou Yeung Kadir participated in interviews and responded quickly to press questions which created a good foundation for the well earned PR in the project.

4. Organic reach with wide engagement

Thanks to the total reach of the test pilots, effective visibility was created throughout the country. A total of 1 000 boxes were sent during the campaign period and the potential total reach was 998 407 based on the test pilots’ own social media accounts.

5. Overall recommendation creates long-term effects

The overall picture of the launch was shown on Smartson’s landing pages, including the crowdscore. Each page has a high accuracy through established search engines. The crowdscore gives the product’s recommendation factor as a percentage and can be used digitally and in stores.

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