Digital marketing tips when launching a new product

Are you planning to launch and establish a new innovative brand on the market? Are you curious on how to think and act when it comes to digital marketing in an early stage?

We met up with Mikael Lindblad and Magnus Nilsson Val from Nutrinovate with whom we did a successful collaboration in 2019 during the launch of their Vitamin Films. We wanted to talk about their launch and get their experienced views on smart marketing. They know why it’s essential to create a digital footprint when you’re new to a market.

Check out the interview below and get some handy tips and advice for your next launch.

Headlines in the video

00:40 - Know your customer and shopper
01:21 - Create a digital footprint
02:05 - A new concept needs to be explained
03:23 - Customer experience is key
04:25 - Fail fast

Watch more about Nutronivate and Smartsons collaboration during the launch of the product innovation Vitamin Films. The example below is user generated content produced for digital channels.

About Nutrinovate

Nutrinovate AB is a Swedish company that develops, produces and sells health products. The focus is innovation and to make the latest research available for a broader mass. They have won several awards for their innovative products within the pharmaceutical field.

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