Facebook’s best tips for smart marketing

We continue to share insights into smart marketing through inspiring people we meet in our work. Today we have an exciting meeting with Rebecca Kortenius from Facebook. We are obviously curious to hear about her best tips for effective marketing and what the future holds for Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to a new episode of “Smartson meets”!

This is Rebecca

Rebecca is an expert on the Nordic market and has global insights from her position in Dublin. For her, digital marketing is top of mind every day as she coaches everything from start-ups to established players on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Headlines in the video:
0:36 - What is smart marketing to you?
3:22 - Can you reveal any secrets about the future?
4:30 - What is your take on Smartson’s approach to Facebook & Instagram?

A rewarding cooperation

Rebecca has been working with Smartson for three years to increase the impact for our clients across seven markets. She has also spoken at the celebrated breakfast seminar Forward Thinking with Smartson at Bonnier’s Art Hall. The close relationship between Smartson and Facebook has enabled us to both practically and strategically sharpen our deliveries over the years; this is why it’s very exciting to have the opportunity to share Rebecca’s thoughts.

What is smart marketing to Rebecca?

In our conversations with Rebecca, we often talk about the importance of relevance to the intended audience and the message the brands want to communicate. Another key focus is creativity with the content that is being produced. Rebecca often shows how creativity is the deciding factor if something builds interest in the target audience – and that the variation in the shared content is a point many can improve.

When you have strong relevance and creativity, you have a good starting point to be able to make a good analysis. It’s only when you understand the measurement points that you can make good business decisions and reach the right audience at the right time in the social landscape.

Author: Karl Händel
Image and editing: Jonny Jonasson