Authentic content at the heart of Weber's Nordic launch

We are not metal benders - we are in the entertainment business. Weber sees the BBQ as a gathering point for unforgettable experiences. Andreas Thorén, Consumer Marketing Manager, talks about the strategic launch of the new Lumin electric BBQ. Take part in this year’s big balcony party with Smartson.

5 keys to the new partnership

Follow the Lumin test pilot project for each market:
Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway

What are you looking forward to with the Nordic test of Lumin and the Balcony Party concept?

- After working on the product in secret for a long time, it’s finally time to show it off to all the barbecuers out there. We want to see the product come to life on the balconies in the homes of the Nordic test pilots and see how they use the product.

Weber brings the balcony party to the next level with new concept

- In this test, we’ve come up with what we call the Weber Party Kit, which we hope will help our test pilots get a successful start to their journey with the new Lumin and use it as a reason to invite you to a balcony party. We expect test pilots to embrace this concept around the balcony party and actually invite friends and family over, and create a fair few great barbecue memories together.

Weber is investing heavily in video created by the target audience in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. How does this contribute to the media mix?

- Through our consumers and in this case test pilots, we bring our products to life. With the video format, we give other consumers a chance to see the possibilities of the product and how our barbecue performs in the homes of other consumers, which in turn can inspire others to purchase an electric barbecue for their own balcony.

In relation to our media mix, it adds another dimension when we get authentic footage created in the home of one of our consumers and not in a perfect studio environment.

What can Nordic barbecue audiences expect from this year’s big news Lumin?

- Barbecuers can expect a handy little electric barbecue perfect for the balcony or other smaller spaces. What is being barbecued will taste just as you’d expect from a barbecue, and you will get the grill marks like you do on Weber’s other barbecues. The secret behind this is the high heat capacity of the Lumin, which reaches 250 degrees in just ten minutes and after a few more minutes, it reaches its maximum temperature of 315 degrees. The Lumin is a multifunctional barbecue that also has features that allow you to steam, smoke and defrost frozen ingredients before barbecuing.

Genuine reviews from 4 markets creates quick impact

Lumin is not a traditional barbecue, can you highlight more features for the curious ones?

- Examples include the system that defrosts frozen foods like shrimp. This is easily done while the grill function is preheating. Once the shrimps are defrosted, you place them on the surface next to it for barbecuing. These functions can be selected via the symbol control, allowing Lumin to be used as a complete small outdoor kitchen. Complementary products include a roasting table and a pizza stone which, thanks to the heat, makes it possible to bake really crispy pizzas.

- So in short, Weber Lumin is a versatile barbecue that will enable many barbecues in the future with friends and family on balconies around the Nordic countries.

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