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25 content ideas for your social channels

There are a lot of us who create content for social media and maybe you have a week, month or year ahead of you where nothing is planned and you need some inspiration? If so, we have a whole bunch of tips for you to get the ball rolling. If you work with a content calendar, it is a perfect opportunity to highlight the ideas that match your brand, target group, channels and above all, your goal with the content work.

Before we jump into the specifics for content creating, we would like to share some tips about our approach and how the thought process goes when we develop new content.

Try to give as much value as possible to the recipient

The first tip is to try and give as much value as possible to the recipient in all communication. It can be in the form of tips, inspiration, knowledge and maybe served with a bit of humour on the side? This also means that we need to think from the perspective of the recipient more than from ourselves. What problems does our target group experience and what questions need answers from us?

Secondly, try to create several smaller stories around a topic and simply divide it into a number of different posts instead of just one. You can also split the content into a carousel or stories format that most social platforms support today. It gives us a great foundation for clear storytelling as the recipient navigates the content themselves. By breaking up the content, we can easily build up an interest, create reminders and give feedback on a topic.

Create ‘Evergreen’ content that is not tied to a specific time

Tip number three incoming! If you work with SEO, content marketing or any form of web marketing, you have probably heard the phrase “Evergreen” and been told that your channels and website must have it. So what is it, and why is “Evergreen” content so important for SEO but also for your social media channels?

So-called “Evergreen” content is not tied to a specific time and will always be useful for both your customers and your business. Common formats for this are, for example; lists, top tips, “how to” tutorials, product reviews or videos that provide answers to frequently asked questions from consumers. This type of content remains relevant to online searches and is likely to continue to receive clicks and visits long after the first wave of interest when published. In your social channels, feel free to make this type of post a highlight (Instagram) so that it can be referred to over time.

Timeless content can also save you when there are delays in your schedule as it can be created and published at any time. Therefore, have this as a trump card in your content calendar if your team needs to prioritise other tasks.

But enough about that, here are 25 different types of content ideas as inspiration for your social channels. Good luck with your content work!

1. Show the strength of the product

Combine stylish product images or videos explaining the pros (and cons?) of a specific product. What sets it apart from the competition? Who is in the intended target group?

2. This is how the product was created

Storytelling - how was the product created? Tell us about what needs you wanted to solve, challenges along the way, who was involved and what the solution was. The more honest you are, the better.

3. Product comparison

Give the customer a clear comparison between two products or services to generate curiosity and increase knowledge before buying.

4. Recommendations and ratings

Few things are as convincing as recommendations from other consumers. Highlight quotes, grades and award symbols for example. Over 90% trust recommendations from friends.

5. Ask followers to review in the comments section

Ask your followers to write a comment about how they use the product and how they experience its strengths/weaknesses. If you participate in the discussion, it builds trust with existing customers.

6. Satisfied customer

Let a customer talk about their experience, which will help build genuine stories and trust. Depending on the channel and goal, this can be done in different ways - video interview, picture with quotes or why not star ratings.

7. Share an exciting photo and ask your audience to guess what it is

Perfect is you want to build hype before a product launch and work with a countdown. Maybe the best guess also wins something?

8. Share an unexpected benefit with your product

There are often unexpected benefits that do not fit into the big headlines, make sure they reach the target audience in a creative way.

9. Answer the most common questions

Answer some of the most frequent questions your support receives and make customers feel safe before buying.

10. Introduce an employee

Highlight new and old colleagues, let them shine in a series of micro-interviews. Feel free to get caught up in details that few know about. It’s a fun way to get to know the company and relate to those who work there on a more personal level.

11. Show off behind the scenes

Show a part of the room that you are in or share something from your work day so that followers get the feeling they are getting a little closer to you.

12. Celebrate holidays

We all like to celebrate - plan in the holidays that match your company and products, whether it is Valentine’s Day (February 14th) or more niche days such as Licorice Day (April 12th) or Vinyl Day (November 29th).

13. Share news about the company

Create a press release and refer to it in your social post to show change and a vibrant business. Also, a little humble bragging has never hurt!

14. Today 10 years ago

An exciting story “down memory lane” is worth sharing. Both companies and people are evolving and it is often fascinating to look at where we started to realise how far we have actually come.

15. Discuss trends

What’s the latest talk in the industry? Ask a question to your followers to start a discussion and engagement, or create a poll where the result is interesting for the followers as well.

16. Create a challenge or game

Generate attention through a challenge in the style of “What can the product do?” or “How fast can we assemble the product?” and so on. Alternatively, you can create a “game” where you can, for example, use the carousel function.

17. Give a simple tip

Choose a tip you can give the followers that is as easy to absorb as possible. Feel free to make it a recurring post in the style of “Thursday tip” to create continuity and a reason to follow you.

18. An offer

Depending on the strategy, discounts of various kinds can be effective in converting to purchases. But be careful so it doesn’t change the view of the brand and the willingness to pay in times when there is no discount.

19. Competition time

Create a competition that feels inspiring for the participants and provides value regardless of whether you win or lose. For example, the answers from the competition can be displayed as statistics or diagrams so that you see what the whole group answered.

20. Start a 30-day challenge

Surely the Christmas calendar is an exciting phenomenon? Create a challenge that extends over a longer period in the same way.

21. Share a resource from someone else

Sharing an episode from a relevant podcast, article or post on social media adds value. In addition, you raise your industry colleagues in a nice way and create a sense of community. We don’t always have to invent the wheel ourselves again.

22. Ask followers what content they want

No matter how much research we do in the marketing department, it is unbeatable with direct communication. So throw out the question, even quick yes/no questions, to get valuable input.

23. Correct a common misconception

Pick a misconception that you have noted around your company or industry. Make sure the answer is delivered with empathy so that no one feels accused.

24. Share do’s and don’ts

List what you should and shouldn’t do with your product or service. It can be short or long, but make it interesting.

25. Highlight your vision and mission

Share your “why” for a greater understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and what you are striving for. The more passion you manage to communicate, the more this will spread.

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