Smartson Consumer Report 2021

The Growing Power of Reviews

The past year, since the previous Smartson Consumer Report, has been special because of the global pandemic where digital recommendations have increased in its meaning. We have seen physical store’s been shut down and turned into online e-commerce stores. During the third quarter of 2021, e-commerce grew by 11 percent compared with the same period in 2020 according to PostNord’s E-barometer. Online shopping not only makes it more accessible for consumers to consume and buy products, but also makes it easier to read and leave reviews.

The growth of e-commerces has shown the importance of digital recommendations when consumers want to research an item before purchasing it. The Smartson Consumer Report shows that 9 out of 10 enjoy researching before making their purchase.

9 out of 10 enjoy researching before they purchase.

Smartson’s yearly consumer report has shown that the same amount of people as in the 2020 report are positive to reviews, while the amount of respondents who are neutral have slightly gone up. A total of 94 % of the respondents are positive about doing research about a product before purchasing.

Smartson Consumer Report 2021

A total of 13 percent of the respondents do read reviews on products from 1 SEK. But more than half of the group are likely to read reviews in the price bracket below 500 SEK. The largest group in the study (28 %) will happily read reviews from 500 SEK and up.

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