Scalability and longevity with Brand Room

Successful brand Jaybird takes advantage of Smartson’s new venture Brand Room, a concept where strategic partners can gather their entire range and build an even larger fan base. Smartson’s Gustaf Jilkén shares 8 values on how Brand Room can be used strategically and tactically.

Smartson has created the Brand Room for clients who have had a number of products and services tested, or who have a recommendation program going with Smartson today. The purpose is to be available for your target group during the organic search as well as build a clear context that the brand can refer to in its communication with the retailers and the end consumer.

During 2019, Nordic Jaybird consumers have been able to leave reviews as well as read them via the web, social media and e-tailers. Have a look at Jaybird’s content in their Smartson Brand Room.

Tips: 8 Smartson solutions for your brand

1. SEO Friendly - increases ranking at Google search
2. Multiple product page - specific for your brand only
3. Easy to use in your communication - a third part recommendation solution
4. Boost upcoming launches & product features
5. Build follower base via e-mail and social media
6. Social wall for the whole brand and specific products and services
7. Traffic reports via Google Analytics & Data Studio
8. Boosted traffic solutions with Google Ads, Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram

Background for the new venture

Today, the online market is rich in content and products. There are more articles to read and browse than ever in the digital world. This means consumers have the freedom to be extremely selective about the content they are looking for and what products they buy.

If brand owners doesn’t boost these parts, users will continue to look elsewhere.

Personalisation is key for both content providers and retailers. Specifically, the sections that allows product discoveries have to keep users engaged. If brand owners doesn’t boost these sections, users will continue to look elsewhere.

Website recommendations represent a challenge that cannot be easily solved. Almost all visitors want to see more products or articles related to their needs right now, around the product they are interested in. Every digital company knows that optimisation is important, but many more of them could develop their recommendation strategy.

Together with Jaybird, Smartson encouraged test pilots to test Jaybird's products and then share experiences in selected channels. To invite the target audience to try Jaybird Vista, the video on Emma from Jaybird and Gustaf from Smartson was spread in social media.

Good recommendations on your website can drive interactions both before and during website visits in a sustainable and scalable way. To achieve excellent website interactions, you must first understand how content recommendations can affect search engine optimisation. If you don’t think about your recommended content, you miss out on a huge amount of traffic.

Consumers today look for recommendations from everything like expensive capital goods to deodorants.

The search pattern is changing rapidly - the question is what will the future hold?

Consumer behaviour has changed and continues to change daily. In the past, consumers were mainly looking for recommendations for goods that were expensive, such as cars, TV’s, furniture and trips. Today, consumers are looking for recommendations for deodorants, baby food, make up and food. No one knows what consumers will be looking for tomorrow, but working with a transparent consumer process is something that we here at Smartson are convinced is the right way to go.