Reviews highlight strategic launch for Lifebike

How will you get to work this spring? Let us tell you about our partner Lifebike’s strategic launch of new models, as the cycling season kicks off here in the Nordics. Follow the project and learn about the 4 key points of the partnership.

Together with the Elcykelvaruhuset, we invite test pilots to try and review bikes from Lifebike. During the spring, a unique chance to test new products from Lifebike is given - previously Lifebike has only offered electric bikes, but this year the Lifebike MOVS Retro pedal bike is also part of the range. In addition, test pilots will have the chance to try out the new Lifebike LUX electric bikes with mid-motor. Using Smartson’s test pilots, Elcykelvaruhuset can effectively reach out to a wide audience, to promote selected bicycle models.

Interested in a new bike? Apply for the test by 26 February.

Focus points for the collaboration

Reliability: Smartson has a proven track record of generating real and honest reviews from real consumers. There’s credibility because the reviews that appear on their site are genuine and representative of customer experiences.

Ease of Use: Intuitive and easy-to-use Ratings & Reviews platform makes it simple for customers to leave their feedback on products. This means that more customers will participate and contribute their opinions, giving Elcykelvaruhuset a broader picture of the overall consumer experience.

Transparency: Smartson only allows genuine reviews from people who participate in the tests, ensuring a high level of transparency for both the company and consumers. This helps build and maintain its integrity and trust with consumers.

Data Collection: Smartson collects and analyses data from customer reviews to help companies better understand customer preferences and needs. This allows Elcykelvaruhuset to improve its products and services based on real customer opinions.

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