New collaboration with business school

What will be the keys to future marketing? In a new partnership with Jönköping International Business School, Smartson will collaborate within the field of Marketing Management.

Linnea Lind (External Relations, Jönköping University), who is the initiator of the partnership, has now started the first exchange with Smartson where 5 students will contribute with theoretical and practical knowledge.

–Smartson helps to give the students a real opportunity to put what they learn theoretically to practise. As we focus on collaborating with companies that exist and operate in the Jönköping region, it is extra fun to be able to give students who are not from here a picture of what exciting companies and what future opportunities there are around here.

“Smartson helps to give the students a real opportunity to put what they learn theoretically to practise”

Set the table for meetings and opportunities

Linnea says that the University presents a smorgasbord of opportunities for collaboration between students and the business community.

–Cooperation with the business community is an important part and is practiced in almost all teaching at Jönköping University. It can be anything from guest lectures, field trips, internships to more in-depth course collaborations with companies within a certain focus area, to name a few.

Smartson and JIBS students are looking forward to the collaboration during the year

The Basics of Marketing Management

–The main topics in the course Marketing Management are marketing in theory and practice when it comes to brand strategy, market communication, consumer behaviour, market research and competitor analysis.

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