How your brand can build strength through sound

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli, sound is becoming increasingly important in creating a strong brand. We spoke to Hugo Perlskog, an expert in audio and branding, to learn more about how companies can use audio to communicate their values and messages, thus building a strong brand that engages and influences their customers.

Hello Hugo Perlskog, Marketing Manager & Head of Music at Music in Brands. How important is sound in creating a strong brand and how can sound be used to communicate a company's values and messages?

- In the same way that a company expresses its identity with colors and fonts, there are customized sound and music choices. But this is often overlooked. Millions of dollars are spent on brand platforms and interior design, but one of the most powerful human senses when it comes to creating emotions - hearing - is overlooked. An elaborate music profile is an important building block for emotional charge and lifestyle around a brand.

- Music and culture go hand in hand. Throughout history, humans have used music to express who we are and who we want to be. This is very much the case for businesses as well.

"Successful brands manage to create a subculture around them with all the loyalty that comes with belonging to a group"

Hugo Perlskog, Marketing Manager & Head of Music at Music in Brands

Hugo Perlskog, Marketing Manager & Head of Music at Music in Brands

How can you create a soundscape that enhances the customer experience and strengthens the brand identity, for example by using sound markers or signature melodies?

- The customer can meet your brand digitally, or in the phone queue or even in physical environments, and the sound is everywhere By using recurring tones, voices and expressions, you contribute to recognition and place your brand top of mind.

What role does sound play in creating brand loyalty and how can you use sound to create an emotional connection between the customer and the brand?

- Successful brands manage to form a subculture around them, with all the loyalty that comes with being part of a group. Your company's universe grows with additional contexts and personas. And all of a sudden people associate hamburgers with hip hop, cheese doodles with Eurovision and beer with the Champions League hymn.

"An important building block for the emotional charge and lifestyle around a brand"

What impact does sound have on the customer's decision-making process and how can you use sound to influence the purchase decision and increase sales?

- With the right choice of background music, you can reduce the perceived waiting time (-50%), create a more inviting environment (+78%) and increase sales (+9%). But the most notable thing is when you play what the customer perceives as wrong or poorly adapted music, because then sales plummet. We are programmed to instinctively avoid disturbing and unpleasant sound environments. So it might be worth thinking twice before letting the cashier's own musical tastes control the brand experience.