Dr. Oetker launch with video challenge

Dr. Oetker launches My Pizza Slice in partnership with Smartson - 1000 test pilots get to try different flavors in this spring’s biggest pizza test on the platform. 

Dr. Oetker, one of the world's leading manufacturers of frozen pizzas, is proud to launch My Pizza Slice, a brand new mini pizza in five different flavors. 

- We saw a demand and an opportunity to develop & challenge the segment with a mini pizza. My Pizza Slice is of really high quality, contains a lot of good stuff and is easy to heat up after school, says Fredrik Gahm, Marketing Manager at Dr. Oetker Sweden.

Activating test pilots in national launch

To get genuine opinions and feedback from consumers, Dr. Oetker has engaged the team at Smartson, one of Sweden's leading platforms for product testing and consumer insights. In total, 1000 test pilots will try the different flavors and share their content on social media. Approximately 2000 pizzas will be consumed during the test period from April to May 2023. 

- We are very excited about the collaboration with Dr. Oetker for the launch of My Pizza Slice. It's right in line with getting direct, genuine feedback from consumers and providing a deeper understanding of their preferences. It will be great to see how the news will be received across the country, says Karl Händel, CEO of Smartson.

Dr. Oetker My Pizza Slice

Social media challenge 

To take the engagement to the next level in the My Pizza Slice test, Smartson will conduct a social media video challenge where the test pilots are invited to share their experiences and opinions about My Pizza Slice. Favorite flavors, heating methods or maybe a blind test, all videos are welcome and you can follow the test under the hashtag #MyPizzaSliceChallenge.

- The video challenge is a great way to get consumers to interact with the brand and product in a creative and personal way. By sharing their content on social media, we get feedback directly from the test pilots, while creating an engaging and fun experience for them," says Karl Händel, CEO of Smartson.

About the test of My Pizza Slice

My Pizza Slice comes in five different flavors - Hero Ham & Cheese, Mmm Mozzarella & Pesto which is vegetarian, the vegan Tex-Mex Taste Sensation, Kick-Ass Kebab and BFF Beef Pepperoni which is made with beef. Test pilots get to try different flavors and share their opinions on taste, quality, and the experience of enjoying My Pizza Slice as a snack.

About Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker is one of the world's leading manufacturers of frozen pizzas and other baking products. With a history spanning over 130 years, Dr. Oetker has earned a reputation for innovative, high-quality products and is a trusted brand for consumers around the world.

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