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Improve your next storyboard

Before starting filming, it is important to have a good storyboard. A storyboard is a series of pictures or drawings that describe the plot and scenery of the planned film. Read our effective tips before you get started.

By using a storyboard, you can ensure that you have a clear vision and plan for your production, and that everyone involved has the same understanding of what is required.

A good storyboard also helps minimise the risk of unplanned costs or delays during production, as all details have been planned and discussed beforehand. It also provides an opportunity to test and adjust ideas before starting filming, which can lead to a better and more efficient production.

Check out 5 useful tips below to improve your storyboard

  1. Clarify the story's purpose. Before starting, understand why you're telling the story and what you want to achieve with it. This will guide the content, structure and tone of your storyboard.
  2. Visualize the story. Use images, sketches or illustrations to help visualize the story and bring it to life. This helps in better understanding the flow of events, character development and overall pacing.
  3. Add details and context. Supplement your visuals with descriptive notes, dialogue, camera angles and any other relevant information that helps build the story.
  4. Review and revise. Regularly review your storyboard and make changes as needed. Get feedback from others and iterate until the storyboard effectively conveys your desired narrative.
  5. Keep it organised. Keep your storyboard organised, easy to understand and accessible. Use clear labels, color coding and a consistent format to help keep the storyboard coherent.

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