Brand Stories

Case studies: 5 ways of telling brand stories

Fast, creative and efficient - Smartson’s creative team shares 5 of their latest productions. From studio to productions in an outdoor environment.

Our mission within Creative Productions is always based on understanding the communicative value our partners want to present. In this way we can meet up with productions that both create strong direct impressions but also work long-term for the brand’s work.

“Working together with Smartson is simple, fun and motivating, which of course is a good starting point for a successful result”

Ebba Rimbäck, Performance Marketing Manager HP Store Sweden på HP.

Have a look at the productions we have carried out on behalf of iRobot, Cetaphil, Nestlé, Önskefoto and HP. Drop us an email at if you want to hear more about what we do.

iRobot - The passion of product demo

Brand: iRobot
What does the product demo of the future look like? A production that is rich in information but also gives the feeling that your best friend explains the product’s functions and capacity? On behalf of iRobot / Witt A/S, we created films that are suitable for the brand’s website, social media or e-tailer specific landing pages.

Cetaphil - What can you communicate in 20 seconds?

Brand: Cetaphil
On a crisp November day in Stockholm, we created the concept “A day in the skin’s life”. It’s a series of rapid scenes based on recognition, illustrating what your skin has to endure during a regular day. From the full version, shorter scenes were broken out to make the production as effective as possible.

Önskefoto - How to attract co-creators?

Brand: Önskefoto
Is your mobile also filled with 38,430 photos? In this production, we want to inspire you to download and experience the photo app from Önskefoto and become a co-creator/micro influencer for the brand. The studio was painted in the brand’s colors to match the other communications. We also developed formats that are suitable for different occasions. What do you think of our actress’s playfulness and the clarity in the presentation?

Dentalife - Yes, we also supply four-legged studio actors if you need them

Brand: Nestlé Dentalife
The challenge here was to show how to establish good oral health for your four-legged friend while also communicating how Dentalife can be part of the routine when the toothbrush isn’t enough. The production commissioned by Nestlé has been used on both websites and social media, and had a high level of attractiveness in the target group.

Brand: HP
When the Smartson and HP Black Friday movies launched, the focus was on recommended products and personal time. The productions were broadcasted initially on Youtube as the main channel. Background on the production: Our latest collaboration with HP was based on the aspect that you avoid family and friends so you can hang out with recommended products instead. It’s not about alluding to consumerism but instead the importance of choosing recommended products that keep their promise of durability and fulfill a clear need in everyday life or at work.