How to support customers like a pro

Smartson’s very own national team player Ellinor Jyrell has just come back from the European championships in flag football that took place in Jerusalem. She usually works as a Support & Digital Media Producer, where her main focus is the customer experience in social media and support channels.

– The Championships in Israel has been an incredible journey and it’s fantastic that my national team venture can be combined with my career at Smartson. Alongside all the matches, the women’s team has focused a lot on marketing the sport in order to increase the awareness of flag football in Sweden. And what better way could there be to spread awareness than with social media, Word of Mouth and some well thought through communication, says Ellinor.

Just like promoting an unknown sport, thoughtful communication is central in the daily work of creating content and handling support matters. It’s only when you get to talk to your audience that you can make a difference and understand their needs and knowledge. Use that information when you create content!

4 keys to success with customer support in social media and through support tools.

1. Deliver a quick solution to the problem

Today’s customers expect quick service, which has only increased with the arrival of social media. Make sure you have good processes in order to be able to answer complex matters or questions quickly. What can you automate in the feed - a question or a complete response?

2. Honesty and sentiment

Transparency and passion are two keywords that provide long term and dedicated customer relationships. Honesty and owning one’s mistake is brave, however, there is a difference between owning your mistake and dealing with erroneous statements or negative assumptions from customers which would require careful management.

3. Help where the customer is

Remember to be available and answer the questions where your customers are. If the question is asked on Facebook, the answer needs to be there too, not via other channels such as email or telephone. Build FAQ’s based on common questions which will help the organisation to answer in the right way and place.

4. Use good support tools to simplify the process

Great tools will help you succeed when you’re running at a high pace, especially if you need help from your colleagues or other departments. At Smartson we use tools such as Zendesk, Slack, Wrike, Google Suite, Sprout Social and Google Alerts to name a few.

Want to know more about how we can help you support and engage with your customers? Or maybe have tons of questions about flag football? Drop us a line at

About flag football

Flag football has its roots in American football but is more tactical, explosive and faster, and without any tackles. Instead of large shoulder pads and helmets, the equipment is just a belt with two straps that you have to pull off - these are called the flags. Main focus is always to do touchdowns to score, and pull flags to stop the other team from scoring. Simple as that.

Both the Swedish men’s and women’s teams are supported by Smartson with equipment. The women’s team has a new Instagram account, @dflsaff, where you will find among other things, a highlighted well-crafted story that explains how the sport works. Perfectly adapted for the channel, audience and format.