Word-of-Mouth and crowdscore

- The tendency is to rely more on information from friends, says Pernilla Jonsson, partner at research firm Kairos Future. She works with trend spotting, market research and consumer behaviour and looks to Word-of-Mouth (VoM) as by far the strongest source of marketing. The reason can be traced to a change in consumer behaviour with bought communication no longer having the same high credibility as before and consumers seeking genuine experiences, says Pernilla.

Crowdscore - a guiding tool

Genuine experiences and recommendations from friends are two of the most important factors for the crowdscore we here at Smartson help companies to receieve and communicate. Crowdscore is a comprehensive review based on test pilots’ recommendations. It works like support for consumers purchasing decisions, and as a transparent and honest tool in the company marketing. Smartson acts as an independent third party between consumer and producer.

Based on the principle of social proof, the crowdscore is an important aid in people’s decision-making. Smartson’s crowdscore can help reduce uncertainty and instead guide when potential customers are facing a possible purchase. The trend is that people are doing what other people are doing, and follow each other’s behaviour. An example of this is the top lists on Spotify that have many followers, or YouTube videos being shared on Facebook that attract even more followers and create even more commitment. Just like how the ducklings follow their mother.

For the consumers aid

"- The methodology behind the crowdscore is more authentic than traditional focus group sureveys and it’s a good communication tool”, says Pernilla Jonsson about Smartson’s crowdscore. She however points out, that there may be a risk with the people who have tested the product - they might not have enough insight or the right relationship to the product. Here at Smartson we take this into account by selecting the right target audience. As an independent third party serving the consumers, we think that the most important thing is that the consumers can have their say in a transparent and honest manner.

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Illustration: Marianne Sund/Smartson