Transparency, credibility and the 40% increase in sales

We interviewed Fredrik Gahm, who’s been using sharevertising since 2011 for Dr. Oetker, and asked how he evaluates the credibility of the brand message.

Do you think the trust between producer/consumer have any impact on the marketing?
- Today there is a whole new transparency regarding marketing. If you aren’t transparent and honest in your marketing it can hit you back in negative publicity. Our products are of very high quality and it benefits us that the consumers are talking about Dr. Oetker through WoM. Traditional marketing is very much influenced by WoM. It’s no longer possible to make statements that aren’t true. Advertising will be more about building your image or provide facts. For us, it is an advantage that marketing is changing since we are very close to product marketing.

How do you use your crowdscore? And what does it give you?
- We use our crowdscore in many different ways. From our major studies demonstrating that consumers want to buy quality over low prices to the dialogue on category development, between sellers and buyers, both centrally and locally. For our part, it’s also about changing attitudes to a range that have historically had poor quality but where marketing said something completely different. Our pizza range Ristorante and Tradizionale keep top quality and we can now honestly and transparently say that through our crowdscore.

Did your sales increase after you started using sharevertising? And if so, by how much?
- Yes. Since Dr. Oetker was introduced on the Swedish market 10 years ago, the frozen pizza segment have doubled. A real sunshine story when it comes to category development. If we look at more time-limited promotions we see a sales increase of about 40 percent.

Marknaden fryst pizza 200gr+ var ca 200 miljoner. The frozen pizza market 200gr+ was about 200 million.

The consumers recommendation was presented on coupons, shelf-edge strips, trolley advertising and on billboards.