Storytelling - the power of the story

Storytelling is about the stories involving your brand and your product. The concept is based on stories from the reality with words, images, values and feelings. When you let consumers test your product and share their experiences, this is precisely what is created. Sharevertising is simply put storytelling by people, for people.  You can effectively market your product with sharevertising, and create strong content for your brand both online and through Word of Mouth (WoM). Credibility is high when your company allows consumers and users to be involved in creating stories about your brand and product.

From the cave wall to social media

Communicating your message through storytelling is nothing new, we have done that since the Stone Age. Then we painted stories on the cave walls, and later, we made rune stones. Today the technology allows us to write, photograph and film stories and then share them to our friends and other consumers online and through social media. We believe in the power of getting involved and taking people seriously - instead of traditional advertising we are passionate about sharevertising, where innovative companies allows consumers to experience their products and share their genuine opinions with each other.

Storytelling with high credibility

We know that companies who believe in their products asks for the value in allowing consumers to test and evaluate the products and then sharing the experiences both online and in their every day lives. They see it as an opportunity to get credible content by allowing the consumer to tell stories about them . Sure, it can be perceived risky to place your product in the hands of consumers, who with analytical and critical eyes will evaluate your product. The companies who dare to be transparent though, thereby becomes more credible in the eyes of the consumer. You’ll also learn more about both your product and how it’s perceived by your target audience. Our thesis is that trust between producer and consumer is becoming increasingly important and credibility directly affects demand. So why not let consumers tell us about your products?

Illustration: Marianne Sund/Smartson