The psychology behind Sharevertising - the six principles of influence

The researcher and author Robert Cialdini have identified six basic principles of influence based on the psychological factors that governs human behaviour. Here at Smartson, we have had these principles in mind during the formation of our marketing concept sharevertising. So if you want to influence consumers, Cialdini and Smartson’s advice is:

1. Cialdini’s social proof: People will do things that they see other people are doing.

Smartson: By using sharevertising with Smartson, each product is given a crowdscore. It shows how many percent of the campaign’s test pilots would recommend the product to a friend. The recommendation factor shapes the social proof that “the product is good and recommended!", in order to both create curiosity and to win the point of purchase.

2. Cialdini’s authority: People tend to put more trust in authorities.

**Smartson:** We have a long history of testing different products and therefore have a strong authority foundation to stand on as well as good credibility. The test pilots are encouraged to be honest in their reviews and the transparency of sharevertising creates credibility for the campaign and the product’s crowdscore. 

3. Cialdini’s reciprocity: Give first! Then you will get back.

Smartson: We help brands to find and engage consumers who want to experience their product, share it with others and talk about their experience through social media and face to face. The reciprocity in the message receives brand commitment from the consumers, altering their attitude, behaviour and purchase.

4. Cialdini’s scarcity: Perceived scarcity will generate demand.

Smartson: We offer a limited number of consumers the opportunity to experience your product. The challenge is to create a greater interest than the number of sought-after test pilots, and that it one of our strengths! The chosen consumers see a high value in their participation, and even for the non-selected consumers the need to have the product increases according to our studies.

5. Cialdini’s liking: People are easily persuaded by other people that they like.

Smartson: We generate a product experience and encourage sharing that experience through word-of-mouth and social media. From the follow-ups we do, we notice that test pilots find it both social and fun to test new products through sharevertising.

6. Cialdini’s commitment and consistency: If people commit, to an idea or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment because of establishing that idea or goal as being congruent with their self-image.

Smartson: Every test pilot is exposed to the brand on several occasions and they put in a significant time with the product and brand during the test period. After the test is done, Smartson asks the very important questions “Would you recommend this product to a friend?".

Further studies indicates that the test pilots’ attitude and behaviour changed.

**How can you use Cialdini’s principles of influence? **

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Images: Marianne Sund/Smartson