Our new star Peter Borgqvist - How to boost your digital marketing

We welcome a new player to the team, Peter Borgqvist, who will contribute to our growing Social Media & Ads Management business. An avid runner, swimmer and tennis player who strives to be a positive influence, he’ll be a great addition to the team.

A big welcome to you Peter, how do you feel after your first week?

Thank you! My first week can be summed up with three words: inclusion, openness and helpfulness - such a clear indication of the right people being part of the team and a strong message of the company culture. This week has given me a better understanding of where the company is going, what we have to offer and of course I have digitally met all my committed colleagues.

What are the next steps for you upcoming weeks?

- Our SoMe process has been fine-tuned together with our expert in the field, Louise Wahlström, and I’m very excited to start implementing this. We already have clients in industries such as cosmetics, construction companies and large e-tailers, but new customer groups are starting to approach Smartson, and this is where LinkedIn will become an even more central channel for our collaborations in 2021.

Awareness and strengthening your brand is what connects a lot of different industries and it will be exciting to see where this takes us

- A lot of the traditional face to face consultancy businesses have started to shine the light on social media and are curious to see what the possibilities of SoMe management could mean for them as a brand. We have seen this Increasing demand and feel we can add more and new value to our existing customers as well as new ones. Awareness and strengthening your brand is what connects a lot of different industries and it will be exciting to see where this takes us. We have set a clear strategy for the business leg of Social Media & Ads Management and how we will approach the market and customers in a fast way.

The 7 parts of the business model will be crucial for our collaborations during 2021

Keys to our collaborations are based on a specific model - what does that mean in practice?

- We build strategy and tactics according to a special sequence that allows us to take the right steps at the right time for our customers. The 7 parts of the business model will be crucial in order to be able to take the next growth step together with the brand or organization we help in our full-service concept of Social Media & Ads Management. The model is applied to everything from our work with start-ups to leading brands in the Nordic region.

How will your background in the financial industry come to life here at Smartson?

- Smartson has a long history of sales success and satisfied customers, and has a sales organisation that has high competence. I have worked in various positions in the financial industry and with that as a basis and inspiration, I hope that my experiences and new ideas about sales can contribute to further growth for Smartson. The common denominator in my assignments has been sales and to drive the development of sales processes and customer collaborations.

What are your top tips for achieving success with customers?

- I would spontaneously say, don’t make it difficult! What I mean by that is that it’s about making sure you have an efficient and clear offer that partly helps customers to develop their companies, and partly shows what sets them apart from the competition. I also believe that it is important to be honestly and genuinely interested in the customers’ business and that you help them with insights into their needs and challenges. Lastly, keep working continuously and thoughtfully to maintain good customer relationships and develop customer cooperation, that goes a long way.

Sounds great Peter, we’re happy to have you on board and hope to see some smashing serves from you!

Do you want to talk more to Peter about Social Media & Ads Management? Drop a line and say hello: peter@smartson.se