Digital Strategist

Gustaf Jilkén, new Digital Strategist at Smartson

A big welcome to you Gustaf, how does it feel to get started?

Thanks! It feels really good. I think we offer a strong product range that includes everything from product launch and A/B testing to product ratings, recommendations in social media, all revamped by Smartson’s 390,000 test pilots honest reviews. It is very exciting to be able to communicate this to all our fantastic customers and to find new areas of cooperation, as Smartson’s offer often goes hand in hand with the brand in a variety of categories.

What characterizes good digital marketing?

Content is king is something we’ve heard for years, but what content is it? In an era where many speak about fake news and who is a sender, I feel that an honest channel to reach out with its digital marketing is more important than ever. As Smartson contributes with insights, content and revenue, this means that we can range from product launch to follow-up after launch to market. Both in physical marketing and digital.

What are your best tips for succeeding?

Survey after survey shows that we to a greater extent tend to listen to what others think of different products and services. Do not be afraid to try different ways; Crowdscoring can be one, in other cases, video and social leads advertising can be the way forward.

You have a big movie interest, what character or actor would you rather be and why?

I’d love to act as Spiderman. I have a past as a gymnast and won the Swedish national championship in trampoline long ago, so that character would fit me really well.

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