New colleagues strengthen the team

We’re very pleased to have recruited two new stars here at Smartson - Charlotte Stark as Project Manager and Louise Wahlström as a Digital Media Producer.

Charlotte has a background in digital marketing and project management while Louise comes straight out of IHM Business School where she focused on digital marketing and sales analytics.

Welcome aboard! Based on your background and title, what knowledge would you share with us? Is there anything specific you think of before starting a new project?

Charlotte: The most practical and perhaps most important thing is to visualise the timeline - is it possible, can we do it, and what is the best result? Good results rarely materialise from stress. And if you like project management, it is important that you are curious, and solution-oriented. There are often unexpected obstacles (or opportunities) that it is important to deal with an open mind. And lastly, ask yourself direct questions like “How can I solve it?” Or “Is it useful?” Then most things can be figured out.

What areas do you work with and is there anything in particular you feel is fun or challenging?

Louise: I work mostly with paid advertising and coordination. I find it a lot of fun to gain insight into so many different companies and projects. The biggest challenge I have encountered so far is probably to quickly get myself into different companies’ way of thinking.

Charlotte: I think it’s fascinating and interesting how all the details come together and the end result is something everyone can be so proud over. In these projects, communication is so important and it can either be great or not so great if that’s not done correctly. You could say the critical point moves alongside the project the whole time.

What’s your superpower, either at work or outside of work?

Louise: I would say my ability to keep a positive mind and seeing things from a positive point of view. Although that can also annoy people!

Charlotte: I can put together some really great breakfasts, who doesn’t appreciate really yummy sandwiches?

Well, we sure look forward to enjoying some fantastic breakfasts here at HQ along with some positive mindsets! Welcome to the team Louise and Charlotte.