Nestlé definition of smart marketing

New technology creates opportunities for future marketing – but they are only tools for the brand’s overall goals and results according to Ludvig Steén, Nordic eBusiness Manager for Nestlé Purina Petcare.

In our latest episode of “Smartson Meets” we travel to Nestlé’s Nordic Headquarters in Copenhagen where we discuss digital trends, Artificial Intelligence, the switch to user-generated content and with what parameters Nestlé measures its marketing efforts.

A digital champion at Nestlé

Today’s advocate of knowledge, Ludvig Steén, leads the team that will future-proof the business model based on digital transformation and eBusiness in the animal feed division. We have previously followed Ludvig’s work with great interest as Nestlé’s Digital Champion and as the Nordic Brand Manager for dog treats.

Take a moment and have a look at the celebrated performance from the Forward Thinking event at Bonniers Art Hall in Stockholm 2017 – the interview is below for you to watch and do continue to discuss with us.

Headlines in the video

00:50 - What is smart marketing for you?
01:56 - How do you measure a marketing campaign?
03:05 - How about social media strategy?
03:46 - What marketing trends do you see?

The user-generated content is central

For Ludvig Steén, the switch to user-generated content is one of the most important starting points in the work ahead. Whatever social channel you use, the recommendation between people is the strongest we have in today’s communication.

Starting in the right direction

For everyone who builds their business, it is therefore important to start in the right order. Assume the purpose of communication and how the results are to be measured – without that, no marketing can be neither good or smart. Doing it this way, the creative work is a starting point and can be evaluated in a completely different way. The new technology with targeting, personalisation and automation shouldn’t be the purpose but only be used as a means of achieving the goals.

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