Video for the B2B purchase journey - Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The new Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz hit the Nordic roads in 2018 with the ambition to set a new standard for vans, closing in on the brand’s passenger cars, both in comfort and safety. This in order to improve the workday for those driving Mercedes. Here we share some insights from the launch of the new Sprinter, where 10 professional drivers were assigned the task of putting the car through a test during 3 workdays.

Five goals for the collaboration with Mercedes


Simon was one of the test pilots giving it all, both in terms of driving and beeing interviewed in front of the camera.

Engage your B2B-buyers like your B2C

In order to define the value for the potential Sprinter customer, we had to derive from the B2B buyer and think about how we should adapt our communications to the needs for the different customer types. As Blake Morgan describes the encounter in Forbes, we need to learn from the well functioning B2C marketing when working against clear B2B segments:

“There’s a lot of mystery around B2B buyers—who are they, how do they work, and what do they want? They use Uber, they shop on Amazon, and they watch Netflix. The only difference is that they work in the B2B world”

Checking out the rear camera

Jonny from Smartson getting close and personal with the GoPro to capture the test pilots adventures together with Sprinter.

The key is customer-centric

Generally speaking, there are more people involved in the purchase decision if the investment is greater, regardless of the size of the company. Blake Morgan explains the problem that B2B companies doesn’t put the buyer at the heart of the purchase decision:

”Only 14% of B2B companies are customer-centric, and a lot of that is because they don’t try to get inside the mind of the B2B buyer”

The purchase journey and video

To increase the volume of information during the purchase journey, Mercedes-Benz decided to focus on video where the brand’s potential customers experienced Sprinter in the proper environment. The New Sprinter was tested for three working days by professional craftsmen, decorators and tinsmiths.

An implemented strategy with three tactical moments

Strategy and tactics were important elements in the planning phase of the launch, according to Smartson’s Digital Strategist Stefan Höglund:

1. Video early on - We wanted video reviews available at an early stage of the launch. On channel selections such as YouTube, brand website and native placements. But also in formats easy to use for retailers.

2. Feed the B2B Purchase Journey - There is a big difference in getting acquainted with the test pilots’ personal experience of the advanced rear camera, driving environment and controls than reading a traditional specification of the car’s equipment.

3. Engaging the B2B-buyers - The impact and relevance has been outstanding, both with most-views records and View Through Rate , when promoting the videos to specific target audiences.

How content is being used by the customers

Google’s car buyers’ study shows that potential customers use video in their purchase journey and that there are fewer visits to the dealership before buying due to increased research before you do a trial drive.

“Video doesn’t just facilitate discovery and exploration; it also encourages people to take action. Of the auto shoppers who used video during the research process, over 60% reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering”. Think With Google

The review is central

The importance of finding content from people with similar needs and aspirations is at the centre, according to Lalenya Tedfors, Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz Sweden, who in previous collaborations with Smartson have said this:

“For a large investment like buying a car, it is invaluable for a potential buyer to read ratings and comments from other ordinary customers. It’s both credible and helpful”

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