Success for Mercedes-Benz - 530% above benchmark

Smart advertising, creative content and the right format lifted the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz Citan during the start of 2022. Lalenya Tedfors, Marketing Manager, praises the test pilots and exceeded goals at all measuring points.

–During the campaign, the primary KPI was to receive as many views as possible in the selected audience. The campaign got positive results which is 530% higher than estimated. It also over delivered on impressions, says Lalenya Tedfors.

A case with a genuine voice

How is a new transport car launched? Mercedes-Benz launched the new Citan in early 2022 with a strong focus on advertising on social channels. The video material that was broadcast is produced by Smartson together with two test pilots who had the opportunity to experience Citan for a week. The goal was to capture genuine comments and opinions from transport car owners, and follow them in their everyday lives. Smartson’s test pilots were novice in front of the camera but had extensive experience of using transport vehicles in their everyday lives. They therefore contributed with a valuable perspective on how the market can conceivably receive the car.

“The campaign got very positive results which is 530% higher than estimated”

What is the box challenge trend?

With a focus on modern technology, design and safety, the Mercedes-Benz Citan is created to provide smooth accessibility in traffic and the opportunity to easily load and unload the car. To enhance the everyday use of the car, Smartson’s test pilots had to test drive the car for a week. Then we asked the test pilots to show and tell in front of the camera how they experienced the car.

Box Challenge

Smartson’s digital strategist, Per Guinchard, lifts the keys from the case where traffic success is a fact:

–The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz has created strong effects since 2012 where strategic content has become even more central. Testimonial videos are an effective way to communicate in different parts of the purchase journey - you should be able to capture a car buyer’s interest both on the couch after a working day or when the company’s decision makers gather to compare different alternatives.

Clear purpose and goal from the start

The purpose of the project was to translate new exciting functions and design details, into everyday chores for a truck user. Using test pilots provided transparency in opinions and implementation.

Test pilot Alexander, long version

Test pilot Björn, long version

The production consisted of two longer videos of about 5 minutes, as well as more shorter formats with highlights from the longer productions.

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