Creative productions

Life as a test pilot - a movie for all curious co-creators

How can a friendly recommendation save your day? A new production from Smartson’s Creative Team puts the importance of the personal recommendation and the group’s overall rating at the center. The result is a mix of branding and explainer for the values that our test pilots receive but also contribute towards.

We believe more people can experience the brilliance of contributing

recommendations in all forms

- We want to draw attention to the fact that we are smarter together - and that recommendations between family, friends and the whole universe are something everyone can contribute with. A quick text review, a video testimonial or the contribution to the overall award that we call the Smartson crowdscore is both fun and brilliant, says Jonny Jonasson, Creative Producer at Smartson.

- By creating everything in-house, we could work with the production continuously and for example produce voiceovers when our talents had space in their calendars. It was an ongoing work with a longer deadline versus our productions for our partners. It will be exciting to see the reactions to the productions and develop the format from everyone’s feedback.

What do you want us to develop in our communication as The Recommendation Agency? Is there anything we can clarify for all our co-creators? Drop a line to and we will take the conversation further. Do you want to see more of our creative productions? Check out our latest showreel below: