Join the Smartson consumer report 2020

What type of content does the consumer base their purchase decision on? What matters most - a written review or a video review? That and much more are the things we want to find out in our user survey that is being sent out to 300,000 - 400,000 consumers. The result will be presented in the beginning of 2020 for those who are interested. Make sure to keep an eye on our LinkedIn page.

Do you want to contribute to the result? You can do the survey by clicking on this link.

If you are Norwegian, Danish or Finnish please click on your country to get to the right questionnare.

Key topics raised in the study

Consumer insights from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Content types with the best engagement or are most efficient

The importance of recommendations in choosing a product

The sharing factor of recommendations between family and friends

Are you curious to hear more about the study or how you could use recommendations in your brand building? Please contact us at: and one of our recommendation experts will happily help you.