Digital Strategist

Kenan Galijatovic, new Digital Strategist at Smartson

We’ve recently signed a new player with previous experience as an elite football player and more recent experience as a team leader at Schibsted. Kenan Galijatovic takes a place in team Smartson where he will contribute with strategic salesforce which will (up the tempo) and strengthen the team.

So far, you’ve shown great qualities on our after works, coming out on top in both bowling and shuffleboard. Besides the sweet smell of success, how does it feel to be in the role as a digital strategist?

I’m very competitive and go head-first in all types of activities, but I’m not quite sure if I really won the bowling or shuffleboard competition? Oh well. Overall, it’s really exciting to be part of a company that has been on the market almost since the start of the digital landscape. Smartsons future is very exciting and I hope to contribute towards that. We’ve got a broad portfolio of products, which we can use to tailor the service for our customers, depending on their brand and products. During my introduction at Smartson, which have been great, I’ve been listening with all ears and consumed the experience that is inside the company.


You have a background as an elite football player, playing in teams such as Assyriska BK. Which role did you take on the pitch and how do you transfer it into the sales-role?

My career started when I was 15, playing for GAIS and a few clubs following (Torslanda IK, Qviding FIF, Norrby IF and Assyriska BK). As a pure midfielder, I loved to play the field and avoid the psychical game. If I compare myself to a more well-known player, I would say Andrea Pirlo. The joy in controlling the midfield through analysing the opponent and then swap tactics. These are the qualities I hope to bring forth as a Digital Strategist.

Who should you listen to if not the ones using the products?

I’ve also always been playing with the goal to energise my teammates. This focus is something I find important in a company as well. Between a business and a football club there’s a lot in common – together we’ll set up goals and strategies and strive for success.

Why do you find it important that contemporary brands should work with recommendations and user generated content?

Recommendations and user generated content goes well together, and is probably one of the oldest uses of marketing which will most likely never go extinct. Who should you listen to if not the ones using the products? This type of building confidence is rarely seen in any other way than through satisfied customers. The landscape today is a jungle with products and services moving and evolving fast. Therefore, it’s important for brands to quickly localise their target audience and gain feedback, and furthermore apply it onto their marketing to reach out to even broader audiences.

Thanks Kenan, see you on the field!