How Dustin works with digital content during an unstable time

The Nordic e-commerce is the fastest growing in the world and with the current situation around the globe it has gained extra focus. Today we meet with Dustin’s Social Media Manager Jonny Malmlöf to find out about current trends and tips on how we manage to build awareness and sales through digital channels during a time of crisis.

- We can see a global distancing in both private and working life which affects us on all levels. For us, the transition has gone relatively quick, partly because we are used to working with colleagues in five countries but also because we have an agile way of working. We have always worked with a combination of physical and digital meetings so we were quick to switch to digital communication when we needed to, both internally and in our dialogue with our customers.

Clear signs of increased digitisation

For everyone who has followed Dustin’s social channels, we can see a clear and rapid shift towards content that helps everyone who works remotely; from customer meetings to smart work tools.

There’s been a shift in the content, the audience is interested in other topics than before.

- We saw a quick change in the users on social channels and in addition to the health situation, the interest in remote working has increased significantly. In the beginning it was more about accessories like webcams and screens but now it’s more about how to safely work from home and how a modern workplace works.

What specific measures have you taken to meet the new interest?

- Among other things, we have started a new concept, Dustin Connected, which is a live show with guests from speciality areas to shed light on IT and digitalisation. We mainly use Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate the live broadcast.

Digitisation is gaining extra speed

The digital shift in the Nordic region is already a fact, but Jonny Malmlöf sees a clear trend in his area of speciality.

- We can see increased commitment to both organic and paid social media. I have also noticed that we are moving more from offline to online in a time where we work more from home. We see clear signals that we are changing our behaviours, and it will be interesting to see how the usage will change over time.

Is it time to rework the old communication plan?

Several of Smartson’s partners have found it complex to assess which tonality in the digital channels is appreciated and functioning. How do you think brands and organisations should think during a crisis period like this?

- A good example is Weber Stephen who asked his users how they want the brand to act during the pandemic; lie low or continue to share tips and barbecue recipes? The audience wanted continued presence and dialogue, which is very important for all brands. For example, we have created a forum internally where we discuss such issues which was very effective when we had to change our entire content plan in our social channels to adapt to the current situation.

A partnership across 5 markets

Dustin and Smartson’s collaboration extends across 5 markets; Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands with a focus on social media for both b2b and b2c. What values do you see with having an extra team that backs Dustin in Social Media & Ads Management?

- It is of great importance to achieve our goals. Smartson has an interesting field of expertise where we can benefit from knowledge in paid media via LinkedIn and Facebook. We also like the mix of digital strategists, copywriters and video creators that gives us access to extra resources when needed.

About Dustin Group

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