Follow Smartson's Robert during the Race Across America and support Lilly's Barnhjälp

One of Smartson’s founders, Robert Zetterlund, is to cross the United States on a bike and collect money for Lilly’s Barnhjälp, a fundraiser set up to help the children of Nepal after the earthquake. Now you can contribute by purchasing a bracelet and cheer on the riders from over 35 participating countries.

Top tip: Swisha 50 SEK or more through 070-7557097, enter your address and you will receive a nice bracelet made by Lilly as a thank you. Please share the post to your friends!

Hi Robert! We are very interested in hearing more about your adventure - what does it mean to participate in Race Across America and who will you ride with?
- We are four members in the team, called Team Forty-two, two Swedes and two Americans, and we will relieve eachother from start to finish. The idea is that one of us will always be on the bike. We started on Midsummer’s Day and will be cycling 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland. Right now we’re looking forward to seeing the country’s diverse nature on, what I hope, are two fast wheels - the competition will take approximately 7,8 days according to our plan.

You will raise money for Lilly’s Barnhjälp that’s working for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. How does that work and what is Lilly’s Barnhjälp?
- Lillys Barnhjälp was started by 7-year old Lilly in Mora. She is the daughter of a good friend and she’s making these bracelets to help benefit those affected in Nepal. The initiative is wonderful and incredibly inspiring to me. During and after the race we will do everything we can to help Lilly’s Barnhjälp and we hope that Smartson’s followers and clients join us in this commitment.

Good luck with the race and the collection - we do hope the competitors have to properly chase the Smartson logo on your back! When will you be back in the office again?
- According to our spreadsheet it will take 7,8 days, but we’ll see how my legs are feeling and also hope I don’t end up being chased by a coyote out in the sticks.

So do you contribute to Lilly’s Barnhjälp?
- We have just found out that the money raised from Lilly’s Barnhjälp is likely going to be used to re-build a school that collapsed in Nepal. You can swisha 50 SEK or more to 070-7557097 and contribute to make the school even better. So far Lilly’s Barnhjälp have raised about 29,000 SEK so keep ordering those bracelets!

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