Brand engagement

Achieve success through brand engagement

Companies today have many opportunities to strengthen their brand and increase their sales by engaging their target audience through digital and social media.

Brand engagement in social media

We know that credibility and transparency play an increasingly larger role in marketing, but it is equally important to engage consumers and users online. High brand engagement occurs when the company can provide benefits and value for the consumer. Sharevertising is a way to create online engagement and strengthen the brand.

Smartson har genomfört över500 kampanjer med  varumärken som representerar allt från bilar ochhemelektronik till livsmedel och kläder.

Smartson have done over 500 campaigns with brands representing everything from cars and home electronics to groceries and clothes. 

Sharevertising engages

During 2013, Smartson created commitment for around 100 brands and products in social media. Consumers in the Nordic region tested over 119,000 products and every week we see how our clients receive thousands of applications to the campaigns they do with us. Consumers engage in the brand through social media, for instance, liking the Facebook post we do for the campaign or to comment and share the post to their friends. We also follow our test pilots and their experiences through posts and pictures on Smartson’s shared blog.

It’s marketing with high consumer engagement and we call that sharevertising. By allowing consumers to test your service or product, and then share their experience with others, means you can engage your audience in your brand. It puts the consumer first and commitment drives both influence and honest recommendations which we strongly see reward good products.

Under Vasaloppet 2014 ficktestpiloter uppleva Oakley Radarlock och visade stortengagemang.

During the Vasaloppet 2014, test pilots were trying the Oakley Radar Lock and showed great commitment. 

Kockens Choklad Mousse såg sin produkt spridas i socialamedier med stort engagemang från testpiloterna.

Kocken's Chocolate Mousse saw their product grow in social media with great commitment from the test pilots. 

How successful is your brand in engaging consumers?

Look at the latest pictures shared by our test pilots on #smartson

Illustration: Marianne Sund/Smartson