Smartson consumer report 2021

Create campaigns with a WOM effect

In the Smartson Consumer Report 2021, we can see that there is a connection between the employment status and how often they verbally recommend products and services (Word-of-Mouth), based on almost 8000 respondents.

People on parental leave recommend products more often than those who work full time. Verbal recommendations to friends are done more often than shared recommendations on social media. We see that people in their mid 20’s recommend the most frequently and people who are 65+ only recommend sporadically with longer time between their recommendations.

Different sources weigh differently despite high credibility

The source we get our recommendations from before we make a purchase in store and online is playing an increasingly important role. The higher credibility we have for the source from which the information comes, the shorter time it takes for us to decide.

Customers have become more familiar with, and can more easily determine, whether it is paid or organic communication that they take part in. Many influencers that you find online work with affiliate marketing which means that they make money on every purchase made through the link they provide in their channel. We have the highest level of trust in our friends and acquaintances as it rarely involves profit on their part - Word-of-Mouth recommendations are therefore of great value to us before we make our choice.

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