Case - Impact on test pilots

Changes in behaviour and attitudes.

Smartson measures the impact and changes in consumers during the campaigns. The brands look at the applicants to see who are interested in the products. The evaluation of the experience tend to be especially interesting for the brand - in addition to what consumers think of the product, we also measure various changes regarding behaviour and attitude towards the brand.

As this is an important issue for many of you readers, and the fact that a sharevertising campaign can measure changes in many areas, we thought we should evolve this issue with a longer post. The below examples are from different categories of food with good results, but they aren’t picked from the highest measured campaigns (it wouldn’t be very smart for possible future campaigns if it is less successful because it didn’t set a new “record”, right?)

This is one of our standard questions, and we can see from virtually every campaign we do, how consumers are becoming more and more positive about a brand when it’s using sharevertising through Smartson.

We here at Smartson thinks that the concept of sharevertising prosper when perhaps the world’s most tired of advertising consumers are more positive about brands, despite significant effort in terms of the time that has to be put in.

This is an imprtant measurement we have done during a few campaigns and it really deserves its own entry.

Brands usually have some different challanges and that is one of the reasons we ask and want to know more about your specific problems, but this challange we think all seek a solution to. If you have a good product then sharevertising is the perfect concept for you to achieve this. Obviously there are other aspects like keeping away from EMV or getting carried away by margin lowering price wars (as in coffee/cleaning products/etc.)

As you can see, we have included the product’s crowdscore, the recommendation factor from the test pilots, with the thesis that you are happy to buy good products again. There are obviously more factors that affect your particular category, and we believe that even if we manage to create good purchase intentions, the same consumers needs to be reminded and reached by the brand. The concept of sharevertising is based on winning consumer engagement and persuasion, and to continue processing that in a smart way.

We have also heard several examples of how the intent to purchase have been used by the sales force to get the store/merchant to both take on the product and also to persuade that first purchase with a favourable location.

Before you consider total world domination, we both need to be aware of the fact that this is about a few hundred or a few thousand consumers. However, the fact remains that even if it affects many thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of consumers over time, then it’s not just some successful campaign but also a significat impact on the category we’re talking about!

There is nothing stronger than a recommendation from a friend (Nielsens undersökning i.e.) and many brands are looking high and low for brand ambassadors. A positive side effect is that the test pilots keep talking not only during the campaign but also after. This is measured 3 to 4 months after the end of the campaign so these are genuine ambassadors.

In the last example above, we take a look at all the numbers from a brand campaign. The figures speak for themselves and if you would like to show something similiar to your colleagues, then you know who to contact!