How to use crowdscore

A crowdscore should help the product with one of two things:

1) Gain curiosity

If a consumer has chosen to recommend a product then both theory and practice shows that other consumers will become curious and interested, for example, in digital or social media.

You rarely impulse buy a car, but would a professional driver want to hear about 33 other professional drivers genuine experiences of the car?

![Mercedes och Sprinter fick både gott betyg och goda upplevelser från testpiloterna.]( Mercedes and Sprinter received both good grades and experiences from the test pilots.

2) Win the point of purchase

It’s hard to get consumers to purchase you products, whether it’s on the shelf or in the web shop. For those smaller purchasing decisions, many brands have a great advantage to shift the message and communicate that “the product is good and recommended!"

![Pro Plan förpackning]( ![Icas hyllvippor]( Ica’s shelf wobblers. ![En crowdscore.]( One crowdscore.

Have a look to see how different brands with thehelp of their crowdscore credibly explains that their product “is good and recommended!"