5 ways to create growth through LinkedIn

Being a CEO puts our strategic and tactical skills to the test - from long term business decisions to operational details. In order to build both the brand and keep the growth your business goals require, we often need to break patterns and take new steps. Today the CEO of The Recommendation Agency Smartson, Karl Händel, suggests 5 ways to help you reach your goals faster via LinkedIn.

1. Generating Leads - build long term relationships with advertising

LinkedIn is the best advertising platform if you are looking for precision rather than maximum traffic volume per SEK. No other social media can reach industries, titles or corporate affiliations with the same accuracy. The ad formats are available as sponsored inbox emails to leads ads that are presented in the visitor’s news feed. A tip: don’t look at LinkedIn as the low cost department store, instead it’s the buying place for precise advertising.

“Purchase decisions are usually made by 4 to 5 people in an organisation - your message therefore shouldn’t be directed at only one profile type on LinkedIn”

2. Social Selling - switch up your personal brand

It’s been a buzzword in recent years based on your and your colleagues’ ability to interact with decision makers and key people via social media. A good starting point for successful social selling is to be helpful, share relevant content for the target group and to be a dialogue starter. Just like successful entrepreneurship, social selling isn’t a short distance race but instead it shows effect over time. How has your organisation implemented this method in the sales work?

“Is recruitment both costly and time consuming for you and your team?”

3. Employer Branding - recruit cost effectively

Did you know that LinkedIn has a full scale recruitment tool? It makes sense when building the world’s largest professional network. A major USP is that the tool works excellently for the recruitment needs for both small and large organisations, which makes it a big competitor to all recruitment agencies and platforms based on precision and cost. Keep in mind that how your company is presented on LinkedIn is key to how attractive your workplace is perceived by potential future colleagues.

“The process towards effective prospecting must never stagnate - find tools and strategies for how your team should work.”

4. Sales Navigator - navigate with smart prospecting

Have you tried using the tool Sales Navigator in your prospecting work? If you use LinkedIn frequently, you will notice that the free version will have a limit on the number of searches per month etc. Sales Navigator is a perfect service for the sales manager and the team. Here you can build your prospecting work among almost 700,000 million users. Do try the demo to see if the solution suits your way of working before you invest in a longer subscription.

5. The Company - the brand’s hub on LinkedIn

How important are business pages on LinkedIn? The answer is of course based on what your other marketing strategy looks like. The company page is a hub for partners, colleagues and future talent that you want to attract. Start by making sure all the basic information is correct before you set your content plan for the year. A content plan should match your marketing plan’s goals - a tip is to find a level of ambition you can keep throughout the year. And remember to match organic content with sponsored content by clear call-to-actions.

“Smartson carries out growth assignments for both start-ups and global companies. The road to your business goal is always at the centre.”

Do you want to learn more about how you can succeed with growth on LinkedIn? Take a look at Smartson - The Recommendation Agency’s latest case and results via Smartson’s clients include Procter & Gamble, Dustin, L’Oréal, Electrolux and Arla. Please contact Smartson’s CEO Karl Händel ( 46 70-758 60 10) for a free consultation.